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Unidine at Glacier Hills. a Trinity Health Senior Living Community

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Unidine at Glacier Hills. a Trinity Health Senior Living Community


Hello, My name is Theresa Howell. I am a Chef/Cook / Puree Stylist. My Journey began the same way most of us experienced, as a child helping mom in the kitchen. My home schooling began at age 8, mixing cakes and learning to make breakfast for our large family. We are usually products of our environments, My Michigan family was a from scratch survivalist type, in that I was taught to preserve foods through canning and freezing. Brining and smoking came later. beginning my career working in restaurants as a bus person. Line cook at Burger Chef and Burger King. Fraternal organizations as a bartender and short order cook. to banquet and catering. Then I decided to raise a family, Unfortunately, I was widow while expecting my first child. I worked as long as possible, then worked from home selling baked goods. life is unpredictable and so I just rolled with the flow until I met and married again. This time I did stay at home raising children for about eighteen years. all the while catering family events and school functions. In 2011, when my last child entered high school. I sought my culinary degree. After graduation, my class took a trip and studied Italy and it's slow food movement. Upon my return I took a summer internship at a yacht club On Catawba Island, Port Clinton, Ohio.I learned a great deal, especially how to grind myself into the ground fast. But, Loving every minute. The summer ended, I returned home to Michigan choosing to attend Siena Heights University for my B.A. in Business Management and Leadership. Taking a position as Executive Chef at Salute Special events and Roc Restaurant. After two years, I was contacted by a culinary colleague who owned and operated a restaurant called Public House in Monroe, Michigan. I went there as a cook with hope for advancement, That did not happen, So I moved on to my current position as a cook, but I planned for advancement. When a sous chef position opened up,my husband was not onboard for the long hours again and lack of a homelife balance. I declined the position. I was rewarded with an opportunity to serve our residents, As the Puree Stylist. A position created for me because the residents with special  demanded their food look like everyone else's. I was placed in charge of spearheading 2 programs One for those with hand mobility issues called Fresh Bites and the other Puree With a Purpose.  I have been happily doing this since March. Then Covid-19 hit and my caseload has dwindled down to 10 residents. my future in this industry is as uncertain as any line cook during this pandemic. I pray for us all daily. Stay safe everyone.