Christopher Bartlett

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I came into culinary by way of my first job at an organic herb farm in New Paltz, NY. Exposure to our chef customers influenced me to seek a career in the culinary arts/ hospitality. In addition to culinary, I have a long interest in I/O Psychology, which I studied at an advanced level at San Diego State University. A few areas of special interest within culinary arts are kaiseki ryori ( including shojin ryori) from Japan, as well as East Asian cookery in general. I draw from an Italian upbringing, from a farm to table perspective, and big on CA wine country cuisine. Baja Med and Peruvian cuisines excite me. I study and embrace modernist techniques, while maintaining a foundation of classical regional cuisines. My primary objective in life is to remove anger and strife from the workplace kitchens; and rather embrace love and creativity- and providing true hospitality delivered with professionalism.