April 2021 ACF Member Spotlight



04-20-2022 21:09

Hi Chef,
Thank you so much for all you do for our chapter, our community, and not to mention your leadership in providing educational opportunities for our future industry leaders.

02-09-2022 09:38

Congrats Chef Gillish, 
I am proud to see you honored for such committed service. 
You are surely correct, it takes Passion in this industry. You make me proud to be apart of this industry and an ACF member. Passion is how I started and pray that Passion will continue, hopefully I can inspire some new comer to the industry to to continue the Passion we have .
Again Congratulations

02-05-2022 17:10

Chef Gillish, Well deserved and congratulations on being recognized and earning well placed recognition among your fellow chefs. The hard work and passion that you show for both the culinary arts and ACF is amazing, Thank You.
Thank you for the great insight to your career and beyond.

02-05-2022 07:25

Chef Gillish, Congratulations. I really agree with you and say amen regarding the essential need for passion in all that we do to be successful in this trade. The Cuban short ribs sound amazing! I am surely gonna give them try, especially now that I am on the carnivore diet just to see how it feels. You are a very deserving chef of this recognition. I appreciate all your advise and insights that you unselfishly regularly share. Toque off to you chef!

02-04-2022 10:33

Hello, Chef Gillish, Congratulations! It is wonderful to learn more about you. I especially like that your initial career interest was architecture. You have something in common with Chef Antonin Careme, who had a passion for design and studied architecture - pivoting his creativity towards confectionary work and buffet design. Thank you for sharing your story!