April 2021 ACF Member Spotlight




Congratulations chef! I enjoyed reading your article. I too love seeing the joy I can bring to people through food. Know that your work is making a difference in the world and is inspiring the future generation of chefs.

7 days ago

Congratulations. Put the art back into desserts. Happy Thanksgiving. #2022


10 days ago

Congratulations on a well deserved award.  Your pictures and story are amazing. Keep on growing and enjoying your cooking art.

20 days ago

Congratulations Chef! was an honor to work along side of you!! I look forward to working with you again.   Cheers till next time

26 days ago


Everything looks amazing! Congrats on a great career so far! Thank you for sharing with everyone.

27 days ago

Chef Quiet,
Congratulations on all your accomplishments. It sounds like your days are very busy and keep you on your toes. Your work is beautiful.

27 days ago

Chef Quiet, 
What a great career and story of your path to becoming an accomplished Pastry Chef. I love the Skills reference in your story, We have the National Skills USA Championships in Atlanta the next 4 years and would love to have you as a Baking and Pastry Judge. please reach out if your interested. The dates are June 20th thru 23rd. Thank You and Congratulations on this recognition by the ACF.

28 days ago

Wow, very nice work. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

29 days ago

Chef Quiet, thank you for participating in our Monthly Member Spotlight! The flavors you mention remind me of my 6 years living in Vermont - witnessing the gorgeous fall foliage, cooking with local products and working with the talented chefs in this area. There are so many regional specialties here - such as maple-inspired recipes, cider donuts, artisanal cheeses, etc. Cheers to you and all you bring to ACF. Thank you for advancing our profession one sweet bite at a time!