Michael Garahan, CEC

Gallatin College/Montana State University

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Gallatin College/Montana State University


2021 BIO update .83 % retired, LOL 

Continuing to work as a Chef is very important to me-keep on cooking!
2021 will be my sixth year working for a family at their ranch during the summer months in Montana.

My five websites and Chef Mikey (c) (r) Likes it! Healthier Choices (tm) program are all geared towards giving back to others.

The Chef Mikey Likes it! Healthier Choices (tm) program is part of the ACFEF's and listed on there.

I have two registered trademarks Chef Mikey (r) and Chef Mikey's Funny With Food (r) and another one in use-Chef Mikey Likes it! Healthier Choices (tm) and own the copyright to the Chef Mikey (c) character image.  
Chef Mikey (r) (c) is also a registered Amazon Brand.

My publications include: (Available on Amazon)
A Chefs Guide To Starting A MEHKO, (E-book and Paperback) and E-book Kitchen Employer Confidential.

My certifications, CEC, FMP, ServSafe Instructor/Examination Proctor.

My goals are to work, compete, or volunteer in all 50 states, 39 so far, and license Chef Mikey (c) as an alignment to Healthier Choices.

With 47 years in, that's what currently going on.

My mother began to teach me to cook when I was 4. Sadly we lost her one year before I graduated CIA in 1977.